Introduction to HTML and CSS

Class 13 Apr. 19, 2017

Introduction to HTML and CSS





Revised pitch for final due April 26

  • I will send you feedback on your pitch by Friday afternoon.
  • I will suggest other possible angles or data sets to consider.
  • Answer the questions or concerns I have, as well as the suggestions I’ve suggested, and revise your pitch.
  • Email me the revised pitch or upload it to your homework folder by April 26 before class.

Storyboard for final due April 26

What’s a storyboard?

What I expect:

A breakdown of your story in an outline style

For example:


  • Introduction to problem
  • Quote from Dr. Shorenstein
  • Summary
  • Dataviz 1

Deaths over time

  • Quote from Dr. Shorenstein
  • Source: Department of Health

Paragraph about X

  • Context of the situation
  • Speaking to Y, a victim of Z



Expectations for your Final Project