More mapping and some data cleaning

Class 12 Apr. 12, 2017

Cleaning data and how to storyboard


Readings from homework





Create a state choropleth map of all the Dunkin’ Donuts locations per capita

  • Using Carto or Leaflet R
  • Here’s the data

Steps to create:

  1. Create data frame counting the number of stores by state
  2. Join state population counts to the aggregated store counts dataframe
  3. Mutate a new column that has the number of stores per person in the state - hint & hint2, though you’ll have to dig for it
  4. Join that new dataframe to shapefiles (You’ll have to Google the state boundary shapefiles) in Carto or Leaflet R
  5. Map the data with a headline, legend, sourceline for the data (“Dunkin’ Donuts”)

Pitch for final due April 19

What pitching a data story should entail (for this class and all future stories)

  • FOCUS.

    • Write the lede of the story you would write if your project yields what you expect to find.
    • What is the point of this project?
    • If applicable, who or what is the target of this project?
    • What new finding might this produce?
    • Will it have an impact on readers?
    • What might change as a result?

    • Roughly, outline the lede story you expect to find.
    • Briefly, outline the package or series you anticipate this project might produce.
  • DATA.

    • List the documents or databases that will be used for the project.
    • What do you expect the data to reveal?
    • What legal or technical barriers stand between you and the data? (Note: Strong preference will be given to proposals for which key basic data is already in hand.)

    • List the sources you expect to use in producing this story.
    • Include people you think might provide background and perspective, people who have direct and/or expert knowledge of the subject, and people who are mostaffected by the issue at hand.
    • Important - I expect a specific list of people. Names and titles/place where they work.

    • How much do you already know about this story?
    • How long will it take to report this story?
    • How long will it take to write this story?
    • Are there any unusual costs associated with this story?

    • What possibilities are there for charts, maps, tables, or other interactives?
    • Will this stand alone or be embedded within the flow of the story?
    • What can you do on your own or what do you think you’ll need to learn or get help with?

    • Why do this story?
    • Why do this story now?
    • How is this story different from stories like it done in the past?
    • What will this story accomplish?

    • Who is harmed by what’s going on?
    • How and why are they harmed?

    • Who is profiting or benefiting from what’s going on.
    • Who and why?

    • How will this story affect our readers?
    • Will they read it?